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Sustainability Week at Henkel Ibérica

We did different activities during the sustainability week to motivate all of our employees to become Sustainability Ambassadors (if not yet) and to continue working to advance sustainability

Youth and creative reclying

From 30th May until 2nd an exhibition on reclying clothes and toys made with recicled materials will be open to the public. This event is organised in the frame of Co-creative Youth /Erasmus+

Walk to school

Walk to school consist basically in promoting walking to school and using a suistanible container for the snack at breaktime.

Setmana de la Natura

Durant 10 dies, s’organitzaran més de 300 activitats arreu de Catalunya per la conservació de la natura i el medi ambient, per a joves i per a grans, al mar, a la muntanya i a la ciutat.