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Children’s Republic

Children’s Republic is an event series held within the Children and Youth Year of Culture that will be touring in Estonia over the summer to celebrate Estonia’s upcoming 100th birthday.

Bicycle Film Festival Tallinn 2017

The Bicycle Film Festival has been a major catalyst for the global urban bike movement, one of the most powerful and culturally relevant forces of the last two decades.

Kriteerium / Tallinn Leg Days 2017

The festival is constructed as an urban tour around Tallinn. There will be five different disciplines that define our fixed gear scene at different locations in Tallinn.

Tallinn Bicycle Week

Tallinn Bicycle Week is an annual urban and cycling culture festival. Tallinn Bicycle week on igaaastane linna- ja rattakultuuri festival.

Children’s day

Children' day in Tallinn Zoo is a traditional event, that brings thousands of visitors, many well-know NGO-s and organisations, who introduce their work and educate about fire and electric safety.

Pardiralli 2017

The Duck Race is a charity event brought into being by the Estonian Childhood Cancer Parents Alliance (ECCPA) in 2014 – a rubber duck swimming competition aimed at raising awareness about the situatio

Hiiumaa Childrens Festival

Hiiumaa Childrens Festival is a traditional festival for children and their families. The main aim is to celebrate youth and introduce various activities for the children and their parents.

Tallinn Street Food Festival

Tallinn Street Food Festival is the biggest street food event in the region hosting 70 food vendors and over 15000 visitors.

Telliskivi Flea Market

Weekly flea market in Telliskivi Creative City's courtyard. 120-150 traders selling and buying re-used clothing, furniture, books, CD's, vintage items.

Cultural Heritage Day in Valga

On the 27th of May will take place Cultural Heritage Day in Tellingumäe during a series of days «What is behind the trees?» for all the people who are interested in cultural heritage.

Children’s day in Seaplane Harbour

Nagu juba tavaks saanud, tähistame selgi aastal 1. juunil kl 10–16 lastekaitsepäeva põneva programmiga! Selle aasta teema on “Ohutult merele!” ja Lennusadama välialal on kohal paljud meie sõbrad.

Heade asjade laat / Goodies Market

Goodies Market is Tallinn City Theatre's local handicraft and goodies fair. It is being held since 2013 every year. This year's market is dedicated to green thinking and recycling.

Kuressaare 16th Gardening and Flower Fair

Kuressaare Gardening and Flower Fair is an annual event for "greenfingers" and ecologicaly thinking people.Through the years we have grown into the biggest horticultural event in Saare County S

European Green Office training

European Green Office training gives a good overview of the environmental aspects of the office and what are different options to reduce ecological footprint.

Open Day of Dairy Farms

2000 childern from many schools in Estonia will have possibility to visit different dairy farms in Estonia.

Tartu Rat Race 2017

Rat Race is a sportive charity run for ’’office rats’’, which tends to promote charity and active lifestyle. Run consists of a route in Tartu city center with every kind of funny activities.

VII Hiiumaa Marathon

VII Hiiumaa Marathon is the biggest running event in island Hiiumaa. Running distances 42,2km, 21,1km, 10km, 4,5km and children run.

Suomi-Eesti 100+ Football Challenge

Suomi-Eesti 100+ Challenge aims to play over 100 games in one day. Football, Futsal and Beach Soccer will be played in Estonia and Finland on several pitches and in several stadiums.

Kohvikuöö 2017 /Café Night 2017

Café Night is a mixture of local permanent and pop-up cafés who bring up their tastes of fresh, tasty food and drinks (good coffee included), the spirit of Viljandi and people around for one night.